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AIDEVI Small Pink Egg Neo NADH+ Fusiong CQ10

AIDEVI Small Pink Egg Neo NADH+ Fusiong CQ10

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Cell-level Uterine and Ovarian Dual Care Tackles Women's Anti-Aging Core: AIDEVI's New Secret Age Small Pink Egg is Fully Launched

AIDEVI's Chief Scientific Advisor, Professor Michael Levitt, Ph.D., and his research team have driven a comprehensive upgrade in product mechanisms, maintenance methods, and formulations. The product has evolved from traditional single-path hormone regulation to full-path empowerment, enabling active cells to self-regulate internal ecological balance. Ovarian maintenance is upgraded to a dual focus on both the uterus and ovaries, with the fourth-generation specialized NeoNADH+ and second-stage FusiongCQ10 blend, providing cellular-level care from the source for lasting benefits.

AIDEVI's Chief Scientific Advisor – Professor Michael Levitt, 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry laureate, member of the National Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Society, and current Director of the Levitt Lab at Stanford University and Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University, is a pioneer in the study of the molecular dynamics of DNA and proteins.


Reportedly, the core technological mechanism of AIDEVI's "Secret Age Small Pink Egg" involves two main components:

  1. OvaGenesis-CVE Group (Cell Vitality Empowerment Group): This group focuses on restoring cellular vitality, fully activating and rejuvenating the cells of the uterus and ovaries.

  2. OvaGenesis-ICME Group (Intelligent Control of Micro-Ecological Environment Group): This group primarily regulates hormone levels, immune levels, and antioxidant levels within the environment to achieve balanced health. It purifies the ovarian and uterine environment on multiple levels while significantly enhancing the vitality and resistance of the cells in these areas

AIDEVI's new product, the Secret Age Little Pink Egg, has the "key" to fight aging and promote organ cell youth. Starting from cell repair, mitochondrial energy supply, cell autophagy, delayed cell telomeres, improved cell antioxidant capacity, and reduced inflammatory levels in the cell living environment, the specially developed formula provides the necessary energy support and nutritional support to the ovarian cells, allowing damaged cells to repair themselves, allowing cell proliferation to proceed healthily, and preventing metabolic rhythms from being disrupted, truly keeping women's ovaries healthy and reducing the occurrence of ovarian problems.

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