AIDEVI Small Pink Egg

AIDEVI Small Pink Egg

Cell-level uterine double care directly hits the core of women's anti-aging, AIDEVI's new product Secret Age Little Pink Egg is fully launched.


In recent years, the domestic female nutritional health care product market has shown a rapid development trend, but how to choose a product that can directly hit the core pain point of women's "anti-aging" among a wide range of products?

AIDEVI "Aidevi" now gives a new answer!

Recently, "Aidevi" launched a new product designed to systematically solve women's anti-aging problems-Secret Age Little Pink Egg, and it has been fully launched.

As a professional high-end dietary supplement brand in the United States, AIDEVI adheres to the brand purpose of "Using global nutritional technology to improve human health", deeply understands market demand and consumer nutritional problems, and continuously integrates industry-university-research forces, just to make the category of scientific, safe and reliable dietary nutritional supplements more refined and stronger.

The new female anti-aging product launched this time-Secret Age Little Pink Egg is an example.

"Secret Age" new products are on the market

Strong competition in the anti-aging market

According to authoritative reports, with the increasing pressure of life, the increasing proportion of industrial food in the daily diet structure, and the influence of modern lifestyle, especially staying up late, more and more women's ovaries are aging prematurely, and their fertility is worrying, which brings more and more problems to women; from the age of 28, women's ovaries and uterus have actually begun to decline, and they enter menopause at the age of 45.

According to the AIDEVI developers, cells are the most basic functional units of life organisms, and the essence of human aging is cell aging, while the uterus and ovaries, cells and the internal ecological environment are symbiotic, and can interact and protect each other.

Unlike most products on the market that only raise ovaries alone, AIDEVI's new product, the Secret Age Little Pink Egg, has the "key" to fight aging and promote organ cell youth. Starting from cell repair, mitochondrial energy supply, cell autophagy, delayed cell telomeres, improved cell antioxidant capacity, and reduced inflammatory levels in the cell living environment, the specially developed formula provides the necessary energy support and nutritional support to the ovarian cells, allowing damaged cells to repair themselves, allowing cell proliferation to proceed healthily, and preventing metabolic rhythms from being disrupted, truly keeping women's ovaries healthy and reducing the occurrence of ovarian problems.

Chief Scientific Advisor Professor Michael Levitt and his doctoral research and development team have promoted comprehensive upgrades in the three dimensions of product mechanism, maintenance methods, and formula, evolving from traditional single-link hormone regulation to full-link empowerment of living cells to self-regulate the internal ecological balance, upgrading ovarian maintenance to (fetus) uterus (egg) ovary dual maintenance, compounding the fourth-generation specially developed NeoNADH + second-stage FusiongCQ10, allowing the ovary to be maintained at the cellular level at the source, once and for all.

AIDEVI's Chief Scientific Advisor, Professor Michael Levitt, is the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and a member of the Royal Society of the United Kingdom. He is currently the director of the Levitt Laboratory at Stanford University and a professor of structural biology at Stanford University. He is a pioneer in the study of DNA and protein molecular dynamics.

It is reported that the core technical mechanism of AIDEVI's Secret Age Little Pink Egg is, first, OvaGenesis-CVE Group (Cell Vitality Empowerment Group), which focuses on restoring cell vitality and fully activating and restoring the youth of uterine cells; second, OvaGenesis-ICME Group (Cell Microecological Environment Intelligent Control Group), which mainly regulates the hormone level, immune level and antioxidant level in the environment to achieve balanced health, purify the ovarian and uterine environment in multiple ways, and greatly improve the vitality and resistance of the uterine uterus.

Settled in Hong Kong's high-end confinement center

Excellent quality leverages the brand's incremental market

AIDEVI, which has been deeply involved in the Hong Kong market for a long time, has already settled in Mannings, Hong Kong's largest integrated drugstore chain.

Hong Kong citizens have a strong sense of health care, a high scientific understanding of nutritional supplements, and higher quality requirements and screening standards. AIDEVI has not only gradually gained the trust of Hong Kong consumers, but also its reputation and influence are constantly rising as the market gradually expands.

Lu Aiguo, CMO of AIDEVI China, said that if AIDEVI accepts the inspection in Hong Kong, it is equivalent to accepting the most stringent market inspection in the world. What makes the team very proud is that AIDEVI's sales in Hong Kong have grown exponentially for four consecutive years, and it is a best-selling product in more than 200 stores.

In fact, the current AIDEVI has not only conquered the best-selling list, but also entered the high-end consumer circle in Hong Kong in one fell swoop.

AIDEVI's good reputation accumulated over the years has undoubtedly seized an advantageous position in advance for the new product Secret Age Little Pink Egg to open up the high-end market.

It is understood that once AIDEVI's new product Secret Age Little Pink Egg is launched, it will be the first to be "supplied" to Hong Kong's 40W/month high-end confinement center, and cooperate with the ceiling-level confinement care team to help postpartum mothers maintain their uterus and ovaries and reshape the reproductive system recovery.

AIDEVI's new product, the Secret Age Little Pink Egg, is based on a deep insight into the core needs of women's anti-aging. Combining the OvaGenesis cell dual-nurturing mechanism and cutting-edge technology, this innovative masterpiece in the field of cell-level uterine and uterine dual-nurturing provides women with a highly effective new anti-aging care option.

At present, AIDEVI's new product, the Secret Age Little Pink Egg, which has been "strictly selected" by Hong Kong's wealthy mothers, is selling well and has been highly recognized by high-end consumer groups.

AIDEVI has always focused on the innovation and research and development of scientific maintenance. It has the most authoritative voice and judgment in the nutritional dietary supplement track, and has used scientific and technological power to help the healthy development of the anti-aging health care market, gradually becoming one of the excellent brands with high-quality development.

AIDEVI has both the first-mover advantage in the field of nutrition and health care and a deep reputation foundation. This new product, the Secret Age Little Pink Egg, may become the brand's next milestone product.