Does NMN Improves Sleep Quality of Middle Aged /Elderly People ? How long ?

Does NMN Improves Sleep Quality of Middle Aged /Elderly People ? How long ?

NMN Improves Sleep Quality in Middle-aged and Elderly People! Significant Effects Within 1-2 Weeks!

Is sleep important? Yes, sleep quality is very important. Most of the body's metabolism occurs during sleep, especially in the deep sleep state. NMN is not a sedative; it is a substance that repairs abnormal DNA cells in the body and is effective for long-term restoration of cellular function, achieving metabolic balance, and making it easier for people to enter a state of sleep. AIDEVI NMN18000, based on experimental test data and human trial results, has shown significant improvements in sleep quality with long-term effectiveness and no adverse reactions.

During the World Sleep Day Special Event in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) released the "2018 World Sleep Quality Survey Report". This survey covered 100,000 people from all states in the United States.

Nearly 90% of the respondents believed that long-term sleep disorders were closely related to chronic diseases. A medical research paper published recently in the British journal "Nature" pointed out that experiments have found a causal relationship between adequate sleep and cardiovascular health. Insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality is associated with various health conditions, including increased risk for heart disease patients.

It can be seen that insufficient sleep or sleep disorders have become a latent killer of global public health. Sleep and the diseases caused by poor sleep are no longer just medical or personal issues; they are closely related to social stability and economic development. There is a need for further public education on the importance of healthy sleep for human health.

There are multiple factors that contribute to insomnia. There are disease factors, such as arthritis, rheumatic diseases, pain diseases, cardiovascular diseases, emphysema, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses, as well as personality and psychological disorders. However, the specific reasons for insomnia are not yet clear in the medical field. Sleep posture, environment, alcohol consumption, and bedding all have a significant impact on sleep. Among them, forming a good sleep biological clock is particularly important.

NMN, as a precursor of NAD+, is intricately related to the biological clock.

NAD+ participates in metabolism regulated by the biological clock, and then these metabolisms also affect the biological clock. Acetyltransferase (Sirtuin) plays a decisive role in this process. Scientific studies have confirmed that acetyltransferase (Sirtuin) can resist aging, prolong life, and play an important role in various cell processes such as aging. Therefore, it is also called the longevity protein. Sirtuins exist in mammals, composed of 275 amino acids, and have seven different subtypes (SIRT1-SIRT7). Among them, SIRT1 controls the connection with the biological clock.

NMN produces NAD+ in the body, and NAD+ is the main substrate for SIRT1 protein. This means that NAD+ and SIRT1 are interlinked, and the level of NAD+ also adjusts the level of SIRT1. SIRT1 can inhibit the transcription of clock genes (biological clock genes) to control the operation of the biological clock. Conversely, clock genes can regulate the level of NAD+ through NAMPT (the enzyme that regulates the synthesis of NMN in the body).

The sleep patterns of elderly people are often unhealthy, with shortened sleep durations and frequent awakenings at night, which are actually manifestations of a lack of NAD+. With age, the level of NAD+ in the body decreases significantly, and SIRT1 and clock genes also decrease accordingly, making the biological clock more fragile and easily disturbed. Supplementing NAD+ essentially strengthens the stability of the biological clock and greatly enhances its adaptability. After taking NMN, many people's most direct feedback is an improvement in sleep quality, making it easier to sleep through the night. This directly reflects the importance of NMN in regulating the biological clock.

As a human body's naturally occurring substance and anti-aging product with clear mechanisms and proven effectiveness, NMN can regulate the physiological clock, improve sleep, and overcome jet lag by activating longevity proteins. According to user feedback, more than 80% of long-term sleep disorders are significantly improved after taking NMN for 1-2 weeks.

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